"I've always wanted to play piano but..."

"... I don't have time".

"... I gave up when I was young".

"... I'm too old".

"... my fingers are too short".

"... I don't have a piano".

I'm Mark Deeks and I'm on a mission to help one million people start playing the piano.

To experience not only the joy it brings, but also the positive affect it has on your mood, your mental health and your confidence.

Want to be one in a million?

Available Courses

Micro Coaching

Easy ways to have a little piano as part of your life in just 15 minutes a day, as you start playing songs you know and love in days not years.

A completely different approach to learning to play piano, with re-watchable video tutorials and my Play Piano Better community.

Work With Me One to One

Have a musical goal you want to achieve as soon as possible?

Want to collapse time and learn how to do something specific?

 Whether you want to write your own songs or play your dream music on piano, get one to one access to me to support you, answer questions and keep you accountable.

Free Resources

Get my very best freebies designed to give you a taste of how playing the piano could work for you, and let me knock over all the myths and barriers you think are stopping you! 

Learn To Read Music

Convinced you'll never understand all those dots and squiggles? Is struggling to read music stopping you playing like you dream of?

Access my unique bitesized video content here and finally start to understand just what it all means, easier than you thought possible.

My Courses Available Courses
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