"I've always wanted to play piano but..."

"... I don't have time".

"... I gave up when I was young".

"... I'm too old".

"... my fingers are too short".

"... I don't have a piano".

I'm Mark Deeks and I'm on a mission to help one million people start playing the piano.

To experience not only the joy it brings, but also the positive affect it has on your mood, your mental health and your confidence.

And I only need 90 days to help you.

Want to be one in a million?

Available Courses

Piano Startup Academy

Start playing songs you love in only 90 days.

Learn how to play with my unique blend of stress melting, re-watchable video tutorials and weekly LIVE sessions to keep you laughing, motivated and on track.

A completely different approach to learning to play piano. 

Read The Dots

Finally a simple system to help you read music without frustrating, dull and lengthy lessons.

Like a Netflix boxset for learning to read music!

"I Don't Have Time" Solution

If I've heard it once I've heard it a million times - "I don't have time to learn piano".

This free video will help you fix that in just 15 minutes a day.

Top 5 Myths About Learning to Play Piano

These are all the reasons you've convinced yourself you will never be able to play piano...

... and the reasons that they're all myths!

My Courses Available Courses
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