Read The Dots

Finally, a Simple System to Help You Read Music Without Frustrating, Dull and Lengthy Lessons

Have You EVER Thought or Said…

  • “I’ve always wanted to read music, but it’s too hard”
  • “I love singing but I can’t follow the music we’re given”
  • “I play in a band but the others use terms I don’t understand”
  • “I gave up playing – I couldn’t read the music fast enough”

It’s not your fault!

Other teaching systems are dry, paper-based and highly academic. They often refer to a specific instrument, which can be off-putting before even getting to the stuff you want to know!

It’s no wonder most of the people I start teaching think reading music is hard. They think it requires years of practice. They think it’s too complicated.

I’ve even had people say:

“I don’t think I’ll ever be able to learn to read music…”

I believe that ANYONE can learn to read music using Read The Dots!

What is Read The Dots?

It is a simple system of short videos that build your music reading abilities and confidence.

“It’s like a Netflix ‘boxset’ for learning to read music!”

In your Member's Area you’ll find a structured series of short videos that condense all the ‘good stuff’ into simple, easy to understand lessons. 

My mission is to make learning to read music accessible to ANYONE. Read The Dots uses simple short videos and easy to understand course materials so that anyone, with ANY musical ability can do it.

“I really enjoy the videos, they can be fitted into a busy lifestyle. Highly Recommended.”


- Fiona

Read The Dots is packed with 20+ years of professional musical experience. As well as all the tips, tricks and ‘secrets’ I have learned whilst performing, teaching, training, and conducting.

What Do I Get When I Buy Read The Dots?

Read The Dots is the complete package to learn how to read music. Here’s what you get access to…

  • Over 60 ‘Bite-Size’ training videos
  • Mark off your own progress
  • Step by step learning program
  • Library of reference materials
  • See yourself improve with worksheets & answers
  • A ‘jargon buster’ PDF guide
  • Members Only Facebook group
  • Access the content 24/7 on any device, for life
Videos are well presented and easy to follow. Being able to dip in and out whenever you have the time is a great benefit, can set (your) own pace and milestones.”


- Malcolm

All Backed by My 30 Day ‘No Quibble’ No-Questions-Asked 100% Money-Back Guarantee, for Your Total Peace of Mind.

Join now and you’ll get 30 days to test out the lessons, and if at the end of this you don’t feel like you’ve grasped the basics, we can undo this little experiment and you’ll get a full refund.

What Will I Learn With Read The Dots?

No matter what level of musical ability you currently have, if you want to learn how to read music, then Read The Dots covers everything you need to know about sight reading music.

  • Are you a beginner and want to start with the basics?
  • Do you play by ear and want to understand notation?
  • Want more advanced skills to polish your knowledge?

Here are just some of the 60+ topics you will cover…

  • Basic Reading Concepts
  • Dynamics & Clefs
  • Beat vs Rhythm
  • Your 5 Most Important Note Lengths
  • Time Signatures
  • Basic Rhythm Reading
  • Using Key Signatures
  • Major Scales
  • Types of Minor Scale
  • The Scale Spelling Method
  • Pentatonic Scales
  • The Blues Scale
  • Counting in Music
  • The Modes
  • Chords and Harmony
  • Major and Minor Triads
  • Sus Chords
  • Extended and Altered Chords
"Clear, easy to follow, in handy bite-sized chunks”


- Jane

You can start straight away with your choice of 2 payment options:


One payment of £222



£80 per month for 3 months


Who am I to teach you how to read music?

Hey, I’m Mark but you may know me as #ThatPianoGuy or the guy with a PhD in heavy metal (yes, really).

I started teaching piano when I was 15, and since then I’ve spent almost 30 years working in the music industry. I’ve led musicians for the BBC, Disney & Gareth Malone. I’ve worked with musicians playing black metal one day and an orchestra the next.

During my career, I have had to get people “up to speed” quickly, and I’ve developed a system to help anyone read and understand written music.

So now I’m giving you the opportunity to learn to read music using the Mark Deeks Method – Read The Dots.

Discover how you can avoid feeling embarrassment, frustration and creeping dread when you’re handed sheet music.

THE investment of the year!


- Darren

Start your Read The Dots journey now

Learn to read and understand music confidently, backed with a 30 Day Get Going Guarantee!!

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