Piano Legends 2023

Stop asking ‘’what if’’ and learn to just sit and play piano with fun, ease, and at your own pace (without a scale in sight)

Is This You?

  • You’ve thought about (or maybe even taken) lessons before, but found it uninspiring or struggled with the pressure of perfection.
  • You feel deeply connected to music and want to explore your musicality and creativity in a fun, inspirational, judgement-free environment.
  • You want to learn at your own pace and not be limited to scales or classical pieces (to the horror of childhood piano teachers everywhere).

Become A Legend

Experience a completely new and different approach to playing the piano!

Enjoy stress-melting, re-watchable video tutorials- no scales, no nursery rhymes.

Playing music should be fun, creative, and enjoyable- plus it’s hugely beneficial for your mental health and improves memory and cognitive function!

Piano Legends is self-paced so you can’t fall behind or get stuck, and you always have support from Mark and the community.

Start playing songs you love HERE

Next level online learning

Play piano the fun and easy way!

Multi Camera Sessions

Not only will you be able to see my hands to copy what I do, but there will also be a software piano on-screen with keys lighting up to make it even easier for you to succeed.

You'll also have the recordings to download and keep so you can watch back for anything you need to see again.

Online piano lessons Mark Deeks Piano Startup Academy
Online piano lessons Mark Deeks Piano Startup Academy

Start Where You Are

Get started easily with song tutorials that meet you where you are, from just getting started to beginner, intermediate, and advanced. The library is constantly expanding, so there’s always something new to try!

About Mark

I’ve got a PhD in Heavy Metal music (yes, really!) and 25+ years working as a musical director, pianist, arranger and teacher.

It may be an odd combination to some, but it’s actually what makes me so good at what I do. 

I love all music, especially Rock and Metal, and collect t-shirts and vinyl, and I know that not everyone who wants to learn piano wants to play Beethoven next to a lovely little old lady. 

Don’t get me wrong- little old ladies are wonderful- but times are changing, and people want a modern way of learning piano!

My biggest passion is helping adults use music, particularly piano, as a way to reduce stress, improve mental health and bring a little fun to your life- while making your dreams a reality!

Life is too short to be plagued by ‘’what ifs’’ and regrets- if becoming a parent taught me anything, it’s that. My desire to pass the musical torch to my daughter serves as a constant motivation for me.

So no, your fingers are not too long, short or fat, and no, you are not too old!

I can help you.

I know that playing the piano is the sanctuary that so many of us seek

And that I celebrate every time someone rediscovers their love of making music. Not just listening, but physically producing those sounds with their own fingers and feet. And I’m excited to listen when you sit down and play… ...because you will be playing parts of your favourite songs within days not years.

Here's exactly what you'll get:

  • Built-in community of people with common interests and values
  • Access to a library of 100+ hours video tutorials, from beginner to advanced
  • WhatsApp Wednesday - Fortnightly Q&A sessions in our exclusive group chat
  • Ongoing feedback, accountability, and support
  • Improved mental health and cognition

Two unmissable bonuses whilst you're a member!


Play Piano Better: short, snappy tutorials to help you improve your playing now


Access to any new workshops or masterclasses hosted during your membership 

You can start right away with your choice of 3 payment options:








£999 One Time


Let’s bust through the myths keeping your piano playing daydreams stuck - click to see why they're just... not... true!

I don't have time

This is no ordinary piano program. I actively encourage AGAINST playing more than 15 minutes at a time (unless your goal is to become a professional pianist). You only need the same amount of time it takes to have a decent cuppa. 

I don’t want to play nursery rhymes

You shouldn’t have to play childish nursery rhymes before you play the music you love. I want you playing songs as fast as possible.

Scales sound so boring 

You can learn to play the piano without learning scales. There, I said it. Learning scales first is like learning all of the verbs in a foreign language before you learn how to speak a sentence. I know I’ve said this already but unless you’re planning to tour the world as a concert pianist, you don't need to lose hours mastering your scales.

I don’t have an instrument

While not technically a myth...this might be ‘I can’t afford an instrument right now’. The good news is you need way less than you might think. I can recommend new electric keyboards from £200 to get you going or you could get a second hand piano. Send me a message tonight with your budget and your postcode and I’ll send you some options. Don’t let perfection hold you back. You don’t need a high spec instrument to have fun. 

The 30 Day Get Going Guarantee

I’m so confident that this program will work for you, I’m making this an easy yes.

Join now and you’ll get 30 days to test out the lessons and the community, and if at the end of this you don’t feel like you’ve grasped the basics, we can undo this little experiment and you’ll get a full refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my keyboard ok for this?

The short answer is yes. You may have a 61 note keyboard lying around your house and this is fine, there is one song where you’ll run out of keys, but there are eleven more for you to practice. Don’t hold back just because your equipment isn't perfect. Get started, and then upgrade when you’re ready. 

If you want to buy a new keyboard now, hit reply to the purchase confirmation email with your budget and I’ll send you some links to my favourites.

If your keyboard has 88 notes, then yes. This is the size I always recommend.

What can I really learn in the first weeks and months?

I’ve taught piano for 30 years and you can really start establishing what it takes to get you playing confidently pretty quickly with a little of the right help. You might not be a concert pianist in the first few months but you'll have made a great start to starting to play how you want to. Plus you'll have played a bunch of songs you know, love and recognise.

Can’t I just learn this on YouTube?

Yep. You can learn anything on YouTube. But you’ll never know if it’s a random teenager sitting in his bedroom in Germany (no offence Germany!) You’ll never know if the information is correct, or whether they are teaching you bad habits. And there is no continuity of learning, so one lesson does not naturally fit into another.

Plus you might search for HOURS to find something you like.

It's the equivalent of sticking your hand in the laundry basket and hoping you’ll pull out a full outfit.

Plus the info only flows in one direction - you don't get the community or the regular access to me to troubleshoot any of your challenges.

Now we’ve cleared these mindset blocks, let's start your piano journey!

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