Learn 6 simple steps to quickly and confidently play any song on the piano (regardless of your experience level)


Any of this sound right to you?

  • You’ve always wanted to play the piano, and maybe you’ve even taken lessons before, but you never quite got as far along as you hoped
  • You want to learn from a dynamic teacher who won’t just show you the ropes, but will teach you easy to implement steps so you can actually play a song
  • You’re looking to meet a specific goal within a specific amount of time, and you want to learn in a way that works around your life, not against it.

If this rings true, you’re not alone.

Many of my students have felt this way in their past, but your goals are achievable- you just need the right help!

Music brings us together and connects us to our roots.

For millennia, humans have made music to celebrate, connect, and share stories with each other. 

It is in our DNA to dance, to play instruments, to lose ourselves in the creative flow. And it’s essential to our survival. 

In a post-lockdown world, we understand the importance of coming together and sharing music we love.

Imagine this...

You walk into a friend’s home for dinner and notice they have a piano. 

‘’Oh, that old thing,’’ they reply after you remark on it, ‘’It never gets any use.’’

And you nonchalantly stroll over and begin playing a song, one you really love, getting the party going and impressing the other guests. 

Or maybe you’re in a train station and yours is delayed. 

Everyone is bored and tired, sitting staring at their phones while a beautiful piano glints at you through the throng of people.

You walk over to it, sit down, and begin to play a song that not only turns some heads but even gets people to crack a smile.

This could be you- in a matter of months!

About Mark

I’ve got a PhD in Heavy Metal music (yes, really!) and 25+ years working as a musical director, pianist, arranger and teacher.

It may be an odd combination to some, but it’s actually what makes me so good at what I do. 

I love all music, especially Rock and Metal, and collect t-shirts and vinyl, and I know that not everyone who wants to learn piano wants to play Beethoven next to a lovely little old lady. 

Don’t get me wrong- little old ladies are wonderful- but times are changing, and people want a modern way of learning piano!

My biggest passion is helping adults use music, particularly piano, as a way to reduce stress, improve mental health and bring a little fun to your life- while making your dreams a reality!

Life is too short to be plagued by ‘’what ifs’’ and regrets- if becoming a parent taught me anything, it’s that. My desire to pass the musical torch to my daughter serves as a constant motivation for me.

So no, your fingers are not too long, short or fat, and no, you are not too old!

I can help you.

How It Works

At the start of each month, you’ll get a 60 minute masterclass from me to show you the next stage in the process. (The recording will be provided to keep afterwards.)

I include multi-camera angles including over the head for a true representation of what it will look like for you, making it easy to follow along.

Not only will you be able to see my hands to copy what I do, but there will also be a software piano on screen with keys lighting up to make it even easier for you to succeed.

You'll also have the recordings to download and keep so you can watch back for anything you need to see again.

Each month you can also book a 30 minute one to one call for individual help, goal setting and accountability. I'll be there to keep you on track.

At the end of each month, a live Q&A session to fix any issues, answer any questions, and a chance to "hot seat" and play (if you want to!) to get feedback.

Get continuous group support via WhatsApp - use this for video, audio and text messages to get motivation and help when you need it.

Sign up now:

There are only 12 spaces total on the Beta round of this program and they’re going fast, so don’t wait, reserve your space now! Please note: The next cohort for Navigator will run from January to June 2024.

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