Amplifier: 12 month 1:1 Bespoke Music Coaching with Dr Mark Deeks

Amp-up your piano skills, learn to write a song, and reconnect with the simple fun and joy of music while achieving your musical goal (in just 12 months)

Does this sound like you?

  • You’ve always felt connected to music, but over the years, life has gotten in the way.
  • You want to be more musical, but are put off by the pressure of perfection or the idea of boring piano lessons full of scales and classical tunes.
  • You’ve always wanted to just sit down at the piano and play but felt it would be too time-consuming or difficult to learn.

What Could You Achieve?

Ever wondered how to write or arrange a song? 

Have you wished you could just sit down and play?

Want to share your love of music with your children and family?

Looking to improve your mental health and memory?

Get all this and more.

"What a way to learn piano – a truly amazing package!"

- Paul, previous client

Bespoke Music Coaching

The Amplifier Program is built with you and your specific goals in mind; no two clients go through the same process. 

When you reserve your space, we’ll have a chat so I can get to know you and exactly what you’d like to get out of our time together.

Whether you want to learn to write or arrange an original song or just want to sit down and play Iron Maiden on the ivories, we’ll get you there.

We’ll create a custom plan for you to reach your goal in 12 months, setting you up for success right from the start. 

I’ll be with you every step of the way, available via WhatsApp for 1:1 support from the beginning, from recommendations and advice on kit to purchase, to support if you get stuck, to celebrations as you smash your targets.  

Save time and hassle by working with an expert.

Built for success

Start with a personalised plan designed around your life, and all the tools you need to make it happen.  

Get support and accountability when you need it- you’re not left alone between lessons.

Multi Camera Live Sessions

Next- level online learning.

Not only will you be able to see my hands to copy what I do, but there will also be a software piano on screen with keys lighting up to make it even easier for you to succeed. 

You'll also have the recordings to download and keep so you can watch back for anything you need to see again.

No need to worry about failing. I’ll give you all the tools you need to succeed.

What You Get

  • Achieve your goals: Start strong with a 12-month plan to reach your objectives, and get constant support, guidance, and accountability along the way.
  • Work around your schedule: Use your 36 hours of one-to-one coaching time whenever you want during the 12 months- you’re not tied to the same day and time every week like in traditional lessons.
  • Direct One-to-One Support: 12 months support and direct access to me to ask questions and get advice when you need to between lessons.
  • One Year’s Membership in Piano Legends (£444 value): Get access to a huge library (150+ hours) of courses, videos, bonus workshops and a song tutorial library, as well as support from a community of others in the same boat as you!
  • One Year’s Membership in Play Piano Better (£105 value): Exclusive, short-form tutorials designed to help you further improve your piano playing skills quickly and easily.
“A great way to learn piano – highly recommended”

- Fiona, previous client

About Mark

I’ve got a PhD in Heavy Metal music (yes, really!) and 25+ years working as a musical director, pianist, arranger and teacher.

It may be an odd combination to some, but it’s actually what makes me so good at what I do. 

I love all music, especially Rock and Metal, and collect t-shirts and vinyl, and I know that not everyone who wants to learn piano wants to play Beethoven next to a lovely little old lady. 

Don’t get me wrong- little old ladies are wonderful- but times are changing, and people want a modern way of learning piano!

My biggest passion is helping adults use music, particularly piano, as a way to reduce stress, improve mental health and bring a little fun to your life- while making your dreams a reality!

Life is too short to be plagued by ‘’what ifs’’ and regrets- if becoming a parent taught me anything, it’s that. My desire to pass the musical torch to my daughter serves as a constant motivation for me.

So no, your fingers are not too long, short or fat, and no, you are not too old!

I can help you.

With Amplifier you have your choice of 2 payment options:

PAY IN FULL (save £100)

1 payment of £3250



12 instalments of £275


Things you are probably asking yourself – and their answers.

How much time will I need to practice?

I’m a massive fan of 10-15 minute blocks. No declaring you’re gonna play for hours at a time. It’s the Monday morning diet equivalent. It leads to failure.

You should aim to get in at least one playing time per day, at least 4-5 days a week. Obviously the more time you can be sat at the keys the better, but we don't need this to take over your life - unless you want it to! 😊

But the best thing you can do is never let the word "practice" pass your lips again! This is playing, reducing stress and anxiety, and is just for YOU. This is not a chore or something else to add to the demands on your time. This is your reward for everything else. Call it play not practice.

Do I need an expensive piano or keyboard?

Absolutely not! I made a basic guide to buying a piano or keyboard that you can see HERE but if you're considering buying something and want some advice, you can email me HERE.

Just make sure that if you're buying a keyboard that the keys are "touch sensitive" (the harder you hit them the louder they get!). Any references to "weighted keys", "semi-weighted keys" or "hammer action" in the instrument specs will also be great.

Am I too old to start playing?

No. No you're not. 😃 I asked my members if they'd played piano when they were young, how long had it been between them stopping and them starting working with me. There were answers of everything from 20 to 61 years! I promise you're never too old to enjoy experiencing playing piano.

Can I do this on keyboard as well as piano?

Absolutely - The notes are the same and they're in the same place!

I can't read music...

Maybe not right now. But your sessions will not only have cameras on my hands if you want to copy those, but also an app that shows the keys lighting up if you want to copy those, AND if appropriate any written music to learn as you go.

Are my hands too big / small?

No. No they're not. 😃

What if I can't do it? I'm afraid of failing.

I get it, I understand. But remember, you're not trying to become a professional, you're wanting to be able to achieve a bucket list tick you never thought would be possible. Plus as one of my other clients put it, by being able to watch the videos as many times as you want, you "never have to fear asking a silly question! Learning this way is stress-free and judgement free!

So you'll actually be there to support me, answer my questions and give me feedback?

Absolutely! You will have my priority support throughout the 12 months. Email, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger - whatever is your preference. I will be encouraging you to send me videos of your progress so I can head off any potential problems before they become a problem! I'll be with you every step of the way.

"Thanks for the lesson, Mark, it was great!”

- Lenny Henry, BBC

Achieve your musical dream in just 12 months or less

My premium package of 12 months of personalised one-to-one coaching that will help you to have the musical experience you never thought possible.

Only 6 spaces available at any one time.

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